Isn't it wonderful, when we get a postcard from someone?
I would even say magical these days. Our products help us to say what we feel to all the ones we wish the best for and love so much.

At Miss Greetings we strive to keep postcard handwriting alive, we encourage people to continue this ritual into their modern daily lives. Postcards bring importance to what really matters. It celebrates a Birthday, are present on Mother's Day, Father's Day, at Christmas or to wish someone well. The act of handwriting along a beautiful image, makes a thank you special. Even in difficult moments, condolences to a family member, as it is such a difficult time to express ourselves orally. Postcards thus become objects that will be kept forever on paper and in the heart.

We believe this is an area needing encouragement from everyone, whether as customers, suppliers or resellers. We strongly believe we all have an obligation to encourage and continue this practice as a way to express our emotions for the ones that are most dear to us. They need to know they are loved and be able to express their feelings on a regular basis.
We really want to be a part of it, their lives and their stories.

Joana Cruz
Founder of Miss Greetings