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“Trick and Treat”

Halloween is just around the corner, which in my universe means Birthday Party, yes! Because it’s the birthday of one of the most important people in my life! My brother! One of the people I love the most in this world!!!

(Attention: implicit humor)
Okay, it’s true that having an older sibling means:

1 – Going through thousands of “pirolitos” throughout our lives (for those who do not know the meaning, it is the act of someone else playfully pushing us into a swimming pool or the waves in the ocean). I strongly believe that even when I am 89 years old, my brother will still be dragging me, by one of my legs, across the beach to the sea. And probably without even noticing I had a heart attack in between…

2 – As soon as we do or say some nonsense, without pity, they are the first to laugh at us;

3 – Seething (or rolling your eyes will do!) When we ask for help, a favour or a clarification, especially when teenagers. What I went through during those math explanations… GOD !!!!

4 – Playful bites, strong hugs, or being in endless brother “fights” until our parents appear… this is what a brother’s mind goes through: karate Kid, Songoku, Vandame, Superheroes, in short… they bring these characters alive… and obviously who is there to take the collateral damage? who is it??? And remember that we are girls? No?! Although, proud as we are, we love playing, we playw the same way and we always think that one day we will win (of course…)

5 – Wearing jeans and having to listen during the rest of the day that we’re copying them, because they also have some jeans on!!! (Tell me the truth, who has gone through the same thing???)
(Feel free to show some solidarity and also share your older siblings story with me!!!)

Maybe the best is to stop the list here because what will happen is the following: My brother is the one who corrects the English translations for me and then, it is quite possible, that this article will not even come out… (BUT IT DID…) So it’s best to focus on a more positive now! ;D What to say now after this emotional discharge? A classic: Bro, I’m kidding !!!!! HAHAHA

I believe that being a brother is this… it’s having this unique complicity, that will be with you for the rest of your life (I hope so!). It is knowing that no one but your own brothers (& GREAT friends!) will give you “pirolitos”, laugh at you, bite you, make fun of you (as a joke, truly sincere and everything will be fine), because only they have this “at ease”, this “intrinsic permission” that is ingrained in the blood to do so. Only he is as close to you as any other!

It’s about receiving a compliment from your brother and feeling like you’ve already won the day! Above all, knowing from the heart that he will ALWAYS be there for you!!! (and if he is not, I will chase him to the end of the world!)

A note to my sister: Carina don’t be sad, one day I will also write about you!!! HAHAHA (little sister, do you understand?!)

Unfortunately, we will not be able to celebrate this date together, with so much significance for our family, as my brother lives in London. Especially now that the two of us entered the “wonderful world” of parenting (I think we can really compare it to the “Wonderful World of Alice in Wonderland.” This of being parents is really diving into a new world … but this is a topic for another post before I disperse!), I’m so sorry he is far away, because our kids could play / run / jump / fall / fight together, many, many more times than what they already play… and wouldn’t miss each other so much. Who knows if this situation will change soon and my brother surprise me and return sooner than expected!!! ;P

But without forgetting the purpose of this post, a toast to all older brothers who “torture” us for years and celebrate their birthday these days (Bruninho, you are one of them!!! Congratulations!!!) A very Happy Birthday to the most beautiful brother in the whole world and surroundings!!! I love you!

P.S. And now I’m going to write this up in a postcard (or two… I don’t think one will be enough to write it all!) and send it by post !!!! ;D

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