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Welcome to my world

Hello everyone,
It is with great happiness that I introduce you my website! Here you can see my work, new products and follow through the blog moments of my daily life, ideas, new experiences and off course many surprises and special offers designed and thought especially for you!

I want to let you know again, that I am so, but so happy, for having taken this step, if you read my story you realized that it was something that I looked for a long time. It took 10 years, and many experiences to be able to take this step. The fear of uncertainty, if it would work, if I could keep myself financially, like starting a business, always made me think twice & not move forward, always prevailing the certainty that a “normal” job and a salary at the end of the month would be the best option.

Until the day came, when the opportunity I was waiting for appeared and finally made me move forward! Now that I have two children how could I say to them “Always follow your dreams!?” 

I open my heart to you saying that I really hope it works out!!! Cross fingers for me! And if you have a dream, do it like me!!! Never give up!!!! 😉 

To celebrate the inauguration of my website, I am offering a bookmark to everyone who purchases any product until the end of October, with the phrase “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” by Anne Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery.

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